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 Global Rules

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PostSubject: Global Rules   Global Rules I_icon_minitimeSun 21 Nov 2010, 1:54 am

There are certain rules you have to follow before you make a post in the Project Infection Forum. These rules should always be obeyed and should a user decide to disregard these rules, action will be taken accordingly. The rules are very simple and straight forward, so just follow these guidelines and you should be set to go.

Nothing related to sex or exposure of people's bodies allowed

  • It basically means that we won't tolerate anything with explicit material such as porn, body excibition, etc..... in our site. Post containing such content will be deleted without notice, and the user will get a warning. Remember there are kids here and we don't want to contribute in the killing of their decency folks...

No Spam Allowed

  • When posting in a thread, make sure not to double post. We won't tolerate Spam unless it wasn't intentional. Should a user make a double post, that person will need to delete one of the posts they have created,or notify one of the Administrators or Mods to remove it. If the user ignores this rule and does it anyway, the user will get a Warning which could turn into a Ban depending on their actions!
Post Guidelines

  • Before you post in a section, make sure to check the Stickies for information on how to post in that section. We want to keep this organized, so please follow those guidelines before posting. If the user makes some posts and gets a PM to follow the guidelines, and the user decides to ignore it, that user will get a warning!

Attachments Abused

  • If a user decides to use the attachment features on this forum to share their content on a website other than this and gets caught in the act, that user will get an immediate warning! If the user refuses to remove the links from the site directing here, the user will get BANNED!
  • If you need to host your content such as pictures, videos, etc...... There are plenty of free hosting sites out there, just do a GOOGLE search.

If a user doesn't abide by these rules, action will be taken accordingly. We won't tolerate any of the above here in the V-Empire. Users ignoring these rules will receive their respective actions and will be under surveillance to see if their behavior will change for the good or bad of the site. These rules are subject to change, so check once in a while to see if any changes have been made. Should these rules change, all users will get a message regrading the change in the rules.

Have a nice day! We hope to see you help us progress here and have fun while at it cheers

Project Infection ~ Administration
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Global Rules
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